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The National Banking Journal is published monthly. It was created by the Association of Russian Banks (ARB).

The journal is registered with the Russian Ministry of Publishing, TV, Radio and Mass Communications.

Registration Certificate No. PI FS77-39520.

Circulation: 35,000. Printed in LIETUVOS RYTAS

Success story

Elena Eliseyenkova, head of the NBJ project, speaks about the National Banking Journal:

The National Banking Journal (NBJ) has been published for eleven years. This is not a long time when compared to the mainstream business media such as the Wall Street Journal, The Banker, or Forbes, but it is enough to conclude that the journal has been a success. Over these years, it has become a tribune speaking from which is regarded as an honor by the most prominent figures in the Russian political and economic arena. The NBJ has kept its readers abreast with the most current topics in the finance and credit industry, featured exclusive interviews with representatives of regulators and successful banks, published sensational investigations, analytics and comments, without interruption, for eleven years.

Our mission is simple and clear: to preserve the best traditions of the NBJ (objectivity, responsiveness to new things, commitment to serious analysis when writing articles), while making the published materials interesting and accessible to a wide reading audience to the maximum extent possible. No, we are not going to transform the journal from a b2b publication into the so-called retail publication. We are strongly convinced that the capabilities of the current format have not been exhausted. We wish that the NBJ could be read by bankers, insurance agents, economists, as well as people who have nothing to do with the above three professions. We wish that it could also be read by English speakers: foreign investors who have already entered the Russian financial market or are considering doing so. This is why the NBJ has been the first and so far the only specialized banking publication in a bilingual format since 2010, with the key interviews and hot topic articles being published in both Russian and English.

Another feature of our journal is a close-knit team. Journalists, marketing and advertising staff, designers, literary editors and proofreaders are all working closely together. There is no Chinese Wall between NBJ’s departments. Proper distribution and active PR are what make our journal a leader among specialized banking publications!

To see that this statement is true, one only needs to browse through issues of the journal. One of our regular contributors is Andrey Kozlov. He has authored six major publications in the journal, all of which received a wide response from the banking community. Our authors also include Sergey Ignatiev who headed the Bank of Russia for over ten years; Aleksey Uliukaev, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; heads of Central Bank’s departments Aleksey Simanovsky, Mikhail Sukhov, Vladimir Chistyukhin, Mikhail Mamuta, and others. Heads of other ministries, government agencies, members of Russia’s scientific elite such as academicians Ruslan Grinberg, Victor Ivanter, Abel Aganbegyan have participated as well.

But a banking journal, obviously, cannot only consist of interviews and articles written by officials and prominent economists, even if they are the most respected ones. The NBJ is, first and foremost, a journal for bankers and their tribune. For this reason, it has regular columns such as first-hand interviews and round-table meetings regularly organized by the NBJ to enable market players to freely discuss pressing issues. It should also be noted that the journal is so authoritative that some newly appointed heads of banks have chosen it for making their first appearance in the media, both Russian and foreign. This is a great honor for us and, at the same time, a huge responsibility, which we are aware of.

Now it is high time that we name our best friends from among top managers of Russian financial and credit institutions. They include Sberbank President and Chairman German Gref, VTB President and Chairman Andrey Kostin, URALSIB Bank Chairman Ilkka Salonen, Promsvyazbank President Artem Konstandyan, Raiffeisenbank Chairman Sergey Monin, Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Chairman Dmitry Mizgulin, BINBANK President Mikhail Shishkhanov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kuban Credit Bank Victor Budarin, Chairman of the International Bank of Azerbaijan – Moscow Fuad Abdullaev, Vneshprombank President Larisa Markus, and others.

This list is endless, given that the NBJ does not live by bankers alone. Among those who have spoken in our pages are Aleksandr Pogudin, Chairman of CFT Board; Aleksandr Gentsis, Diasoft Senior Vice President; Oleg Baranov, managing partner of Neoflex; Anton Godovikov, Deputy Director of Macro Regional Branch “Center” and Commercial Director of Rostelecom; Sergey Shilov, managing partner and founder of the AT Consulting Group; Evgeny Zakrepin, First Vice President of Technoserv; Roman Surgund, Business Development Executive, Solution Sales, Financial Services at IBM, and many others.

We are grateful to all our authors for their contributions!

But while giving them credit and sincerely thanking all of them, we have to acknowledge that our most prolific author is, without doubt, Garegin Tosunyan, President of the ARB. His accurate and vivid language, passion, ability to describe the most difficult things in simple words might be envied by professional publicists. It is a rare case where a person successfully combines a high position and the ability (and desire) to maintain a continuous dialogue with a vast audience via the media.

In conclusion, we would like to summarize all that was written above. We have no doubt that the Russian banking market, which demonstrated its stress tolerance during the 2008 – 2009 crisis period, will develop successfully and dynamically. And the National Banking Journal, as a part of this market, its mirror and tribune, will not lag behind it. We can assure you of that, our dear readers and authors, will full responsibility.

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