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22 октября 2014

IT&Security Forum 2014

On June 5-6, 2014 Kazan will be a host for the Annual All-Russian Conference IT&Security Forum 2014 devoted to innovations in the area of information technologies, information security and business solutions. Traditionally the forum visitors will see dozens of novelties in IT and IS areas from the leading international and domestic software developers, diverse ways to establish business contacts with colleagues in the industry, exchange of experience and knowledge.

The key principle "New. Important. Best" remains the same, meaning that the Forum will get together all the newest, the most important and best technological products, solutions and topics to be discussed on the single platform. Besides, within a large-scale demo area, where some dozens of the verified technologies from the Forum's partners will be included, the participants will be able to estimate the efficiency of solutions and products.

The experts and speakers of the event will include the representatives of the following companies: IBM, Check Point, VMware, HP, Huawei, Intel Security, Dell, Symantec, Oracle and others. They will cover such topics as building of IT infrastructure of the solution on provision of the high availability of data, Big Data, mobility technology, business solutions and analytics, provision of information security (legislative and technical aspects), ATPCS (automated technological process control system), provision of security of information infrastructures of critically important objects, solutions and new technologies in the area of joint work arrangement for the employees of companies and many other aspects of the contemporary IT sphere.

The information security experts, Alexey Lukatsky and Evgeny Tsarev, have already confi rmed that they will take part in the Forum. Their speeches will be held on the peculiarities on "clouds" protection under the conditions of combined private and public cloud infrastructures, on principles of ATPCS security at CIO (critically important objects), on comparison of demands to the Information Base of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control for the key System of Information Infrastructure and ATPCS, on ways to build the structure of protection against the targeted attacks, on globalization of authentication systems and information security of the national payment system.

CEOs, IT Directors, Heads of IT and IS services and companies from various areas and directions are invited to take part in the Conference.

We have found it out from the Director of the Department of Information Technologies of one of the leading banks in the Republic of Tatarstan: JSC AIKB Tatfondbank, Konstantin Khaisanov where the Forum can be useful for the representatives of the bank system: "Banking area is traditionally one of the most advanced in respect to use of information technologies. To a large extent it can be explained due to a high level of competition at the financial market. Banks, in order to have advantages against their competitors, to attract and keep the customers with them, must improve the IT infrastructure, constantly developing. In order to keep pace with all the recent trends in IT sector, Tatfondbank regularly holds the meetings with the software and hardware manufacture. In addition, we analyze the reviews and forecasts of the market. It helps us to get an opinion of the way the high technologies area is evolving in.

In recent years Tatfondbank has signifi cantly modernized the IT infrastructure, built up the modern Data Processing Centre, made a shift onto the new systems of corporate interaction on basis of VC format and IP-telephony, for a prompter solution of tasks and improvement of the services to the customers, it has also implemented the business analysis system. It is conventional that high attention is given to the issues of information security. Tatfondbank strives for performance of all the demands of the Russian law in IT area. Thus, one may say that the bank's information systems are in the process of continuous development thereby making the lending entity an effi cient one.

Specialists of IT Department of Tatfondbank take regular part in IT&Security Forum. It is comforting that the organizer of such an extensive event is the company that  has been our reliable partner for a long time," states Konstantin Khaisanov. "I believe that the forthcoming ITSF 2014 will become a source of progressive ideas for all of participants thereof. It seems convenient that within the framework of a single platform one may learn a lot of innovative solutions and raise the current issues at the same to the representatives and of producers and developers, exchange the experience with the colleagues not only from the banking sector, but from other areas of business".


JSC AIKB Tatfondbank is the universal financial-lending institution with interest of the state, rendering all types of banking services to private and corporate customers. It was founded in 1994. Presently it is in the top 50 largest banks of Russia by amounts of assets.

As of April 1, 2014 the assets make RUR 131 bln, the authorized capital is RUR 12.6 bln. The reliability of the lending entity is confirmed by the international ratings of Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's agencies, as well as by the domestic ratings from Expert RA, AK&M agencies, the National Rating Agency. The Head Office is situated in Kazan. The bank's structure includes 118 offices and affiliates, including those in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Ufa and other cities and towns in Russia.

IT&Security Forum (ITSF) is the Annual All-Russian Conference (taking place since 2006) that unites the innovations in three areas: information technologies, information security and business solutions. The ICL Group of Companies is the organizer of the event, being the Russian supplier of services and solutions in the area of information security. The Forum is held with the support from the global software and hardware producers.

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