09 февраля 16:08
Business processes of a bank and a microfinance institution are sufficiently alike in general. There is a place for competition even for personnel. The corporate group "Bistrodengi" shows significant growth: geographical expansion, increase in the number of workers, technological development. The Office of HR-director Olga FILIPPOVA told NBJ about the personnel management nuances of MFI included into top 100 of best employers of the Russian Federation.
29 октября 12:48
Both small and large companies need to interact with their customers, yet small companies could manage this without any special software, while large companies would find such software vital.
29 октября 12:47
For organizations whose business is highly dependent on IT services, a disruption in the availability of services or a breach of the confidentiality and integrity of information processed is fraught with significant financial losses. For these companies, a crucial factor is the speed with which information security incidents are identified and handled. The solution to this problem requires a comprehensive and continuous monitoring of the state of the organization’s information security. Recently, the number of offers for services involving comprehensive monitoring and detection of information security incidents, namely, setting up a Security Operations Center (SOC), has notably increased in the marketplace.
29 октября 12:46
Discussions about the reasons that make an employee a source of problems, i.e. an insider, are quite frequent today. Everything to do with people and their motives is always interesting, but there is an area where the problem of insiders can be resolved without going deep into the psychology of the phenomenon. This is about the use of USB drives in an organization.
29 октября 12:45
The technologies, used to build up IT systems protection, need to keep up with organizational measures, incentives and awareness programs at banks. The human factor, including lack of attention, breach of "inconvenient" regulations, might open up a path for confidential information insider dealing, if not an immediate loss of data.
29 октября 12:44
188 The risk management agenda is becoming particularly important, whenever banks tend to suffer from some unfavorable factors, such as, primarily, higher regulatory and supervisory controls, loss of traditional income drivers, higher rates of fraud events, reputation risks.

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